God Smiles on Us


It was such a joy to see my 7-year old boy playing with his lego toys last night. He was obviously enjoying his little playtime before he went to bed. I was watching him quietly and I was so delighted to see him enjoying what any little child is supposed to enjoy doing. Play is a big thing for them. Creativity and imagination is involved during playtime.

A sudden thought struck me as I watched him played. That’s how God the Father feels when He sees us doing what we enjoy doing. He smiles on us! He is delighted with us! It may not always be a 5-fold ministry role, but when we do what we best know to do and do it for His pleasure, God loves it! It may be drawing, writing, knitting, cooking, singing, counselling others, teaching, running a maranthon, playing the musical instrument, writing some drama scripts, or engaging in some form of innovation; whatever we may find pleasure in doing, and whatever He has created and wired us to do best in life.

The Father smiles on us when we find our pure contentment in Him alone. His desires becomes our desires. We know henceforth, that He takes pleasure in what we do. We can be confident and prosper in those areas God has placed each of us in.

So folks, enjoy God’s pleasure today as He delights over you; in your uniqueness, in your gifting and talents, in WHO YOU ARE in Christ Jesus. You are irreplaceable in His sight! You are special. He is not comparing you with another. He wants to see you blossom in your best potential. You are His masterpiece and He is proud of you.

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