A New Song


One of the things I enjoy doing during the day is to fill the house with praise and worship. It entirely changes the atmosphere in the house. Before it does that, praise never fail to first fill my heart and change the atmosphere within me. It changes the way I think and the way I face my day. When I reach out to God in my praise, He reaches down to touch me deep inside.

For many days, I’ve been hearing in my spirit, “Do you have a new song for the new year?’ We have already entered into a new Hebraic year 5777. A song is the language of the heart. When a heart is filled up with heavenly praise and adoration for Jesus, it can’t help but to release the joy and freedom of the Spirit every place one goes. It is a “heaven-like” atmosphere waiting to be released as it touches the earth! This might confound the human mind. Circumstances can never be allowed to dictate our praise to God. We choose to praise Him anyway; in good and bad times. We have to remind ourselves to constantly be abandoned to worship no matter what comes our way.

Let praise direct your pathway to this new year and to the new challenges you may face. Compose a new song of praise that will break through the silence of the night! A song of hope, a song of freedom and victory!

Heaven is waiting to be released through our praise!

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