Jesus The Magnificent One


Just before I sleep tonight, my thoughts were quietly set on Him. I just have to pen these down from my heart. Jesus the Magnificent One. He is the One I love and worship.

Jesus the Magnificent One…
Jesus did not had a huge congregation who follow Him but a small band of 12 ordinary disciples during His ministry on earth. He did not strive to build Himself a big following. It had never bother Him because it was never His dream to do that. His sole desire was to please the One and Only; His Father who loves Him and sent Him. Jesus simply did what He would sees the Father doing. Therefore, He would not hesitate to go among the crowds or to preach to just a single soul; it meant the same to Him anyway.

LOVE was His motivation and His mission was to seek out and save the lost. He knew who needed Him and He went to them – the spiritually lost, the poor, the outcasts, the hungry, the sick, the demon possessed, the sinners. He wasted no time trying to build rapport in order to path a way for Himself to serve a great cause. He is the Way to life itself. He had never allow Himself to be distracted from His love mission.

Although He loved people, He loved the Father most. He knew when it was time to get alone withe the One He can’t do without so He can pray. He knew too when it was the right time to walk away from the crowds or activities. He was never pressured to do something; to be somewhere or to achieve the expectations and desires others had for Him.

He was never too busy (as the disciples might thought) to bless the little children and welcomed them with open arms. He was approachable, friendly, kind, forgiving, compassionate, wise and discerning in His daily ministry and interaction with both the true seekers and those who were looking out to destroy Him. He neither tried to please men nor allow Himself to be intimidated by anyone. It was for love that He came and it was for love that He died on the Cross. Despite such a great cause, many misunderstood Him at the point of His painful death and today, He remained misunderstood by humanity.

The children loved Him. The convicted sinners were drawn to Him and transformed by His love. They yearned to follow Him wherever He goes. The religious hated Him, while the intellectuals demanded miracles and signs and refused to believe Him mostly. Everywhere He went, human hearts were stirred somewhat; either to turn to Him and receive His love or to disbelieve Him and reject His love. His love was so pure (out of this world) and just too good for the human mind to fathom.

My mere words cannot describe the magnitude of His greatness and majesty. Even my songs are not good enough to praise Him and exalt His Name. But nothing can stop me from praising Him all my life. There is none like Him. I will gladly join with the heavenly symphony to worship and adore Him.

Tonight, I am feeling totally comforted and grateful that I have a journey with Jesus. What a privilege and joy! This is a walk He had initiated. My life has never been the same since. He is the One whom I love and worship.

Jesus, You are the all-Magnificient One! I’m forever amazed by You!

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