Come Holy Spirit, have Your way


God does use people to accomplish His plan and do His will. He always does! But that doesn’t mean we have to try to “help” God. There are times we feel like we have to help Him out, but we end up messing things up. We feel like we need to do more and more in order to get the church going and growing. At times we feel that we have to employ the same old method to get the same good results. We are all in some ways guilty of just getting in the way (God’s way) in our zeal to assist Him to do his work. The question is are we listening to the Holy Spirit all the time? He is ready to help.

One of the most difficult lessons in life and in Christian discipleship is to learn to let God be God; let Him take over and show us the path to take, the decision to make and the way things are to be done. The self, that is shaped by life’s experiences; successes and failures, wants to constantly rule and usurp the Holy Spirit rightful place in our lives.

Unfortunately, human manipulation and control will only stifle some of God’s beautiful plans and purposes. If only we will spend more time in His presence and hear His voice, before we rush off to carry out some of our plans. If only we learn to constantly let go and let God take over, we can be assured that He is able to accomplish so much more when we do. If only we have childlike faith and know that God still has much in store for us and we can remain hopeful and contented in every season. There is no need to fret nor the need to manipulate.

We just got to learn to give the Holy Spirit room. More room! We got to give Him room in our lives and family, businesses and jobs, church and ministry; in every aspect of our lives. Give Him time and give Him room. Give Him the rightful place in our lives. The Holy Spirit is our God-sent constant Helper (John 14:26). We are the ones who need His divine assistance at all times. We can never get too old , and neither too professional at any arena where the Holy Spirit can no longer be qualified to lead us and change us. If the Holy Spirit is so important in our lives, do we give Him the first say? Do we give Him the authority to speak to us and alter some of our best plans?

It is important to partner with God and see things get done HIS WAYS! Partnership by definition is a relationship between individuals or groups that is characterised by mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of a specified goal. In our abiding relationship with God our Father, we are given numerous opportunities to partner with Him. We share a common goal with Him. Therefore, we can walk in close fellowship with the Holy Spirit and we are totally dependent on Him to help us and guide us to see God’s purposes and plans accomplished. Our participation and responsibility is important in God’s big plan. Our constant seeking and submission to His ways is essentially important. We have to learn to partner with our God-sent Helper.

Will you give Him room and let Him direct your life? Will you give Him time and let Him speak? Do we find ourselves walking in harmony and divine partnership or in constant dissension with the Holy Spirit? Have we grown less reliant on the Holy Spirit? Are we willing to be honest and simply pray, “Holy Spirit, You know what’s best and I do not. Please take over and show me how to live my life for You? Will You show me how to handle this? How do I love this person?” (Just honestly laying our needs and our questions before Him)

This is my sincere plea: “I need You Holy Spirit, more and more each day.” Let this also be your constant plea.

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