It is Not to Fit in, But to Belong


Sometimes we can become too preoccupied about getting people to fit in, rather than helping them to have a sense of belonging in the church or any social gatherings. When people do not fit in, they may be quickly viewed or treated as outcasts. Perhaps our highest aim ought to be getting people to belong? It is not to fit in, but to belong.

Spiritual fathers and mothers are ones who are willing to take time to get these people to belong; where they feel loved unconditionally and accepted despite their oddities. Not everyone is going to blend in with the mass. There are simply some going to be very different from the rest. It will take humility, love and lots of graciousness to extend a helping hand to them. It is not our job to change people. That is the work of the Lord. We are to love people, not attempting to change them. To love is our role; to change is the Lord’s. Let’s make it our goal to love people like the way Jesus loves. Everyone matters and everyone belongs! That’s the Kingdom culture.

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