Come Up Higher!


Recently, I saw a mental picture of the Lord pulling a girl’s hand higher and higher up the skyline. There seemed to be excitement in the air! God was up to something and the girl was being pulled from ground level to see what was above the horizon. That is usually the way of partnering with God. It is important for us to be able to see what He is doing before we can join Him in what He does. Often times, we have to be pulled by the Spirit of God to gleam from the earthly realm into the heavenly realm to gain understanding of His heart and plan. We probably may have reached some comfortable level in some ways in ministry or in life right now, but we are not quite there yet. God has something new and something more for you and I!

I was reminded of how the Spirit of God directed Philip from one spot to another location in the book of Acts, so he could bring an Ethiopian eunuch to the Kingdom of God. As a result, salvation and baptism took place on the same day. Philip was swiftly pulled off by the Spirit of God to another place right after. Are we ready for that? I am not referring to teleportation in this account but rather I am reminded of the pliability of our heart to the will and Spirit of God in our daily life. Letting go of me and letting Him leads is a lifelong process. Will we allow the Spirt of God to pull us from one place to another; from one level to the next, from the familiarity to the new and foreign, to do His work and fulfill His will? (even when we may not fully understand)

There are NEW horizons awaiting for some of us and NEW levels to step into. Excitement is in the air! We have to get ready. Be available, be of good faith and obedience. Come up higher, dear friends!

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