Re-invest Your Time in Prayer


No time is wasted in prayer. As we pray, the Father hears and acts. This is not to imply that God is always there to do our bidding. Prayer is a heavenly partnership that we get into to see God’s will be done on earth. The bible says that the violent shall take the Kingdom by force (Mathew 11:12). That shows us what ardent zeal and fervency are required of us. We have to learn how to lay hold of the sovereign will and the reigning rule of God even through our daily prayers and strong intercession. Passivity is not our portion!

Therefore, I’m appealing to us today to re-invest our time in prayer. See that there can be no better investment and no greater reward than to pray fervently and see our prayers heard and answered.

Beloveds, it iis time to pray and contend for your faith. It is time to pray and contend for the Kingdom of God and the will of God together. Let all hell shakes at the cries of your voice and pleas! The devil got to know that the people of God is not to be trifled with.

As faith increase, your prayers will increase too. In prayers, we are expressing our faith in the God who answers by fire, and with whom nothing is impossible for Him to accomplish. We are totally dependent on God to act on our behalf; our families, our job, our ministry, our communities, our nations, our government, our friends, our schools etc.

Don’t be weary in praying, but pray with great expectancy and know that the Great I Am is faithful and He will act on behalf of you and me this day for His name sake.

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